Our wines are made with 100% Prince Edward county grapes

Welcome, Bienvenue!

At Lift Haus winery in historic Prince Edward County, the old world meets the new. We grow, nurture, harvest, age and bottle our wines on site in order to present to you the best of our terroir. We invite you to stop by and "lift your spirits" with our wines.

Lift Haus winery is a family run "farm" vineyard located in Prince Edward County. Real "roots" in the County, the Evans family heritage extends back 4 generations. The idea to start a vineyard, and ultimately a winery took seed back in 2002. What started as a dinner table discussion soon became a quest to find the perfect piece of land that would be ideal for growing grapes. We had in mind the kind of wine we wanted to make which was Pinot Noir. Despite Pinot Noir's reputation as the heartbreak grape, for us there is nobility of taste to this red wine that sets it apart from other red wines.

Open  11 a.m - 5 p.m. (Closed Wednesday through July and August)

Open Daily - July 1 2o14, until August 31 2014

April, May, June, September,October, Novembe , December - Open Weekends

January - March - by appointment